about smalltape

smalltape is the solo project by musician and sound designer Philipp Nespital. In 2011 his first solo album "CIRCLES" was released. After producing a piece for orchestra and band called “One life“ in 2014, he started to work on his second album “THE OCEAN“ which was released in 2017.
To enrich his solo project in the studio, Philipp is working with different guest musicians, such as Otis Sandsjö (tenor saxophone/Lucia Cadotsch Trio), Christopher Zitterbart (guitars/Mt. Amber) or Stephan Pankow (guitars/Toxic Smile).
On stage the music of smalltape is performed by Philipp Nespital (vocals, keys, guitars), Alexandra Praet (bass, keys, backing vocals), Flavio De Giusti (guitars, backing vocals) and Manuel Humpf (drums).
Beside being involved in different band projects as musician, mixer or producer, Philipp is working as a freelance sound editor and sound designer for movie and TV productions.
Read what the press say about smalltape

Read what the press say about smalltape