Lyrics from the album "THE OCEAN" (2017).
All lyrics written by Philipp Nespital.
All rights reserved.

The Shore

From here it’s nothing else but blue
A seagull‘s crying and there is you
Rushing water on the sand
like your bloodstream through our hands

The sky still melts into the sea
The same way like it used to be
The wind was dancing with your hair
A breath of salt in the air

Strange to see this place
without a change
without your face


Do you want me to be the one you think you see?
Do you want me to be someone, someone to be?
I am here now and I face you the way you do
Hello stranger, it is strange but I think I know you too

Do you want me to be the one who knows his way?
Do you want me to always have the words to say?
I am bending, I’m pretending to be good and nice
Keep on talking while every smile betrays the eyes

I could be all of that
If you want me to…
But I don’t want to

Do you want me to take it all the way it is?
Do you think that is something that I’d call happiness?
I’m sick of this! I hate this game!
Go fuck yourself and fuck your claim!
And what I hate the most when you look at me
Is being the one you think you see

I can be all of that
If you want me to…
But I don’t want to, no I don't want to

I will be all of that
If you want me to…
But I don’t want to

The Sailor’s Tale

So, when the sailor asked the question,
I really didn’t get it, so politely I just smiled.
Well, he just nodded and sighed
then he took a sip and told me ‘bout the ocean.

And as his words started to pierce my mind,
there came a squeeze deep in my chest
I always felt but would suppress
Oh and then I realized
that this was just a feeling of pure longing

Is this all you want in life?

And as I looked into the mirror
I first saw myself, then someone else
and in the end ... nobody there
Oh, what if all my life it was just a mean
to flee from my own longing?

When I listen to the waves at night,
they tell me first I need to find myself
and as I drift away I remember what the sailor had to say:

Is this what you want from life?
Without asking yourself why
does this feel like lying to yourself?

The Diver

Sitting here, I watch myself drifting
Carried by the waves you hear at night
All around me the world was roaring
But down there, I was sure, it would be quiet...

I see the water rise
It comes and goes
It flows and turns
From glass to arctic ice and then to snow

Sitting here, I watch myself sinking
In grewing dark my body seemed to fly
I felt the heaviness of years escaping from my lungs
This was when I tried my only dive

I see the water rise
It fights the time
It beats and bashes
Flies high and crashes
Collapses in white
Retreats and grows to fight again…

Concrete Silence

Paralysed in all sincerity
Pregnant lies in front of me
Fertilised by these restless dreams
Nameless child – it looks like me

As the worst of my enemies
Killed the words for tranquility
Let my thirst be a vice that belongs to me
Not the first time I followed my disease

Will I ever have enough?
Will I get all that I want?
Won‘t you ever just shut up?
‘Cause I can take this truth escaping silence...

In disguise of neutrality
Numb the question of morality
My response ... comes quietly
Cannot help for this appetite in me

Will I ever have enough?
Am I ever gonna stop?
Wont you ever just shut up?
Cause I will take this truth escaping silence...

In my silence like concrete
You’ve been nice, you didn’t leave me

The Ocean Pt.2

Beyond seas of light comes an ocean
Where the people dive for emotions
Secrets from the shore – water unfold them
Restless souls on board – wind can’t hold them

In that wide blue you find truth in what you feel
Endless, deep – there roughly sleeps an ancient honesty

On this ship we’ll die from devotion
Never trust your mind or faith erosion
Face the storms that rise – pure exhaustion
Drown all compromise, all self distortion

Will our fear disappear when the waves divide?
Next to death, our salty breath is taken by surprise
We will shake as we break, softly sinking down
naked wood is all that should remain, we will be found…

Picture Of A Dawn

A bleeding sun is rising up
While all the clocks that count could stop
We sit and watch – just for a while
Faintly to see your knowing smile

And in this town, the darkest cave
Brought light onto what midnight gave
No hero left, no fool or brave
But glowing sky – we are safe today

I can see myself in the light of your eyes

Gathered pieces of my youth
I’ve searched for love and I found truth
The more I’ve found in this night
The more I’m lost in you – but that’s alright

And in that picture of a dawn
As colours grow and days are born
The moment rests upon your skin
Where I can feel myself so deep within