Reviews on „The Hungry Heart“

„Album of the month!“ (8/10 points)

(eclipsed Rock Magazine Nr. 232)

„The album is filled with quality ideas and beautiful organic soundscapes to make friends of tasteful and sophisticated art grin happily into the sunset….“ (7,5/10 points)

(Rock Hard Magazine)

„An exciting, diverse album“

(Metal Hammer)

„The entire album radiates pure class“ (9/10 points)

(The PROG Mind)

„An exquisite art rock album.“

(Good Times Magazine)

„I can’t think of any German musician in the scene whose music is as exciting as that of Philipp Nespital“

(Empire Music Magazine)

„…one of this year’s stand out release, a mind opening musical experience like no other…“


„Damn good. Prog for the brain and heart.“ (13/15 points)

(Babyblaue Seiten)

„Mighty!“ (14/15 points)

(Betreutes Proggen)

„The Hungry Heart” grabs you from the first notes and does not release you till the last sounds drift away.“ (10/10 points)

(The Progspace)

„… Sublime soundscapes that are the result of crystal-clear production and thoughtful arrangements.“

(MINT Magazine)

„Colorful, multi-faceted and pleasantly complex“.

(Art Noir)

„The Hungry Heart“ is great cinema.“

(SCHALL. Magazine)

„Once again Phillip Nespital proves himself to be a remarkable musician and multi-instrumentalist who is particularly masterful at creating an evocative atmosphere, in tandem with his competent cohorts.“


Reviews on „THE OCEAN“ and „Circles“

„The new star in the art rock sky “

(eclipsed Rock Magazin Nr. 192)

„Cinema for the ears!“

(Rock Hard Magazin Vol. 364)

„In my book, this is one of the best albums of 2017 thus far.“

(The PROG Mind)

„Without ifs and buts, The Ocean is the album of the month and a big recommendation to all friends of classic prog rock!“

(Martin Dambeck, Empire Music Magazin Nr. 121)

„Philipp Nespital’s second album released under smalltape shines. Not only because of the upbeat melodies, which Nespital manages playfully despite complex song structures, but also because of beautiful soundscapes, which really couldn’t be more coherent.“

(Good Times Magazin 04/2017)

„The Ocean“ is a colorful, lively round dance of powerful rock music with a passionate symphonic touch whose both sides, the vocal interpretation as well as the often amazingly present instrumental extravagance, can convince.“

(Babyblaue Seiten)

„What is offered here on a length of over 70 minutes deserves the greatest respect. (…) Nespital masters the quiet tones as well as the arrangement of massive songs, be it in the jazz or in the prog area.…“

(Betreutes Proggen)

„It is already inevitably clear that „THE OCEAN“ is one of the top progressive releases of 2017 in Germany.“


„…Majestic ! (…) What is certain, it is that with his project Smalltape, Philipp Nespital proposes in The Ocean a magnificent album which will mark my memories of ideal sailor…“

(Big Bang Magazine)