“THE OCEAN” (Album 2017)

Listen to some snippets from my second album "THE OCEAN", released in May 2017.

01 When the Waves divide
02 The Ocean Pt. 1
03 The Shore
04 Mirror
05 The Sailor's Tale
06 The Diver
07 Kaventsmann
08 Concrete Silence
09 The Ocean Pt.2
10 Picture of a Dawn

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“One Life” (Single track, 2014)

"One life" is a piece for orchestra and band. I originally wrote the song itself for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day a long time ago and during my studies I rearranged it for orchestra, which was then recorded in 2013. Afterwards I performed all band overdubs and finally made two versions of the mix - one in stereo and the other in 5.1.


“CIRCLES” (Album, 2011)

Listen to some tracks from my first album "CIRCLES", released in 2011.

01 Open up
02 Circles
03 What has been sowed...
04 Fade
05 The Purgatory Pug
06 The Mess in Me
07 Nothing to Regret
08 Break

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