Upcoming concerts in 2019/2020

Beside touring with my second band Mt. Amber in September, there are two new smalltape shows confirmed. I’m very excited to enter stage again with Alexandra Praet, Diego Caetano, Flavio De Giusti and Omri Abramov on October 2nd 2019 at the Slaughterhouse in Berlin. Also Uwe Treitinger invited us to play a special unplugged show on April 4th 2020 at… Read more →

New live videos online

On September 9th the smalltape concert at the „2 Days Prog + 1“ Festival in Veruno/Italy was recorded with several cameras. Now the live versions of „Concrete Silence“, „The Ocean Pt. 2“ and „The Purgatory Pug“ are finally released. Click here to watch all videos. Concrete Silence – smalltape live in Veruno Read more →