New music video „One Day“ is out now!

I’m thrilled to announce the official release of my music video for „One Day„!
„One Day“ is featured on my latest album, „The Hungry Heart“, and it deals with one of the most urgent and yet most underestimated problems of our time: Global warming.

What concerns me is that although awareness of this crisis is growing, many people feel powerless when asked „What can I do about it as an individual?“ Yet the answer to this question is relatively clear: The time for small lifestyle changes on an individual level is over. We need massive public pressure to get the attention of politicians to make faster and more effective decisions. Or as the song says: „Anyone of us is here to make a choice! And anything that matters to be heard is just too make a noise!

Please help spread this important message by sharing this video and your thoughts on social media. I hope by that we can motivate more people to go out and publicly stand up for this issue.
Let’s fight for change and take responsibility for ourselves and the generations to come!