New video „Colors“ is out now!

My new lyric video featuring „Colors“ is out!

This track might be perhaps the most controversial song on my recent album „The Hungry Heart„. Not surprisingly it was also one of the most difficult songs I’ve written to date. In light of the social and political developments over the past decade, as well the global protests through the height of the Black Lives Matter movement last year, it seems to me that the message only grows stronger and more relevant than ever.

The evident truth is that people are actively and passively working against true democracy, with words and actions rooted in fear and hatred. This hatred, though conceived long ago, has been slumbering just below the surface and with the rise of populism globally, it has broken through.

While racism, bigotry, and homophobia is unfortunately not unique to Germany, I chose to write the song through my perspective of living and growing up there. As someone who deeply believes in the principles of democracy, most importantly political freedom and legal equality, I see it as my duty to speak up against racism as an ally to those that are being discriminated against. We give racism room to grow if we merely standby and watch or are willfully ignorant and look away. We can do a lot even by bravely speaking up and voicing that we disagree with discrimination and the violation of equality and civil rights for all.

My intent and hope is that this core message of allyship and love spreads to all that listen.